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Post  RotoRaysfan on Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:11 pm


Commissioner: nickalero99

Treasurer/Alternate Commish*:  RotoRaysfan

*nickalero99 holds title of Main Commissioner; RRF acts only in nickalero99's absence or if nickalero99 is involved with conflict of interest

League Fee: $65 and must be submitted via PayPal - pay to RRF (see Contact Information)

Style: Dynasty

Teams: 12


Active Roster Spots

Weekly Active Roster Spots:

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 K


Receiving: 1 yards per 0.1 pt. & 1 pt. per reception
Rushing: 1 yards per 0.1 pt.
Passing: 5 yards per 0.2 pt.
Touchdowns: all worth 6 pts.
Turnovers: fumbles and INTs both -2
2 pt. conversions: 2 pts.
Special Teams / Defensive TD's do count for individual player who scores if they are on team (e.g. Kick return TD by your RB2 counts for 6 points)


PAT - 1 pt.
0-39 - 3 pts.
40-49 - 4 pts.
50+ - 5 pts.


Sack (1)
Interception (2)
Fumble Recovery (2)
Touchdown (6)
Safety (2)
Block Kick (2)
Return Yards (25 yards per point)
Points Allowed 0 points (10)
Points Allowed 1-6 points (7)
Points Allowed 7-13 points (4)
Points Allowed 14-20 points (1)
Points Allowed 21-27 points (0)
Points Allowed 28-34 points (-1)
Points Allowed 35+ points (-4)

Points scored against Team Offence/Special Teams do not count against Team D

Vetoes: There will be no vetoes, if there is a questionable trade the commissioners will discuss it and come to a decision.

Collusion/Cheating: Will result in immediate expulsion from the league and the money will remain in the pot.

Tanking: If we see a team purposely tanking in-season, or in part of collusion, the commissioners will discuss and penalize properly if needed. While team roster building for the future is not only allowed, it makes entire sense for rebuilding teams - teams should use their best lineup available from the players they have each week, both given the H2H league format, and to the rest of the league's owners.


Divisions: There will be 3 divisions consisting of 4 teams each.  Teams will be reorganized into different divisions on an annual basis.

Scheduling: you will play everyone in your own division 2 times, and 7 of the 8 teams once.  

Playoffs: 6 teams will make the playoffs, 3 division winners and 3 wild card winners. The division winners with the best W-L records will each receive bye weeks. The playoffs will start week 14 and end week 17.  

Tie-Breakers:  Tiebreakers will first be decided by total points scored.  The 2nd tiebreaker will then be H2H record between the teams if somehow a tie still exists.  The 3rd tiebreaker will be a coin flip.

Rookie Draft

The draft will be consecutive order - NOT snake style. Each round will start back at the top of the order. You will have until a predetermined date each year to drop players off your current roster to make room for your rookies.  Your draft will end once your roster spots are filled.  After the roster cut deadline has passed, rosters will be locked until the annual draft takes place.

Draft Order:

12th Place: 1st Selection
11th Place: 2nd Selection
10th Place: 3rd Selection
9th Place: 4th Selection
8th Place: 5th Selection
7th Place: 6th Selection
5th and 6th
6th Place: The loser in the quarter finals (1st Round) with the worse regular season record. (7th Selection)
5th Place: The loser in the quarter finals (1st Round) with the better regular season record. (8th Selection)
3rd and 4th
4th Place: The loser of the 3rd Place Game. (9th Selection)
3rd Place: The winner of the 3rd Place Game. (10th Selection)
1st and 2nd
2nd: The loser of the Championship Game. (11th Selection)
1st: The Champion of FFB Champion. (12th Selection)


Waivers will run on evenings, starting Tuesdays @ 9 PM ET, and will run weekly. Players who clear the WW will stay FA until their games begin, then go back to the WW for the next week's run. For full details on Waivers/Rosters, please refer to that thread in this Forum.

EDIT SEPT. 2013: As we have scrapped the divisions, we will now use total points to decide reg. season prize $, but we will continue to use W-L-T record for playoff seedings and ranking.   That way, reg. season performance is rewarded for true best performance, and not influenced by luck of the H2H schedule.  But as we are a H2H league, we still go by H2H record for playoff seeding. Also please note passing yardage is 0.04 points per yard.

EDIT OCT. 2014: Please note that as of Week 4, to prevent blocking pickup of players waived off team rosters on Tuesday, we will run the WW a second time on Saturday evenings @ 9 PM ET. This only affects waived players and those who play ThuNF games. Past discussion has indicated a greater consensus for less frequent WW runs than daily (as with ESPN/Yahoo), and a preference for night WW runs, given scheduling issues and work access issues, but given recent league discussion, we will certainly review the WW operations in the offseason. Please note that this does NOT affect players who clear the WW on Tuesday - they remain FA's until they play their game, and then go back to the next WW run. Please note that players who clear the WW on Tuesday night who are on byes remain FA's throughout that entire week, as they don't play a game (and so don't go back to the WW). These 2 unique features from Fantrax are not changeable, and unless it can be changed, remain as the default Fantrax method.

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Official Rules Empty Changes to Team DST for 2013, Fantrax System Advance Notice, Tanking/Absenteeism

Post  RotoRaysfan on Wed Aug 07, 2013 6:17 pm


With the move to Fantrax, this has enabled some more flexilbility in our Team D scoring system - specifically, the ability to separate kickoff returns and punt returns and treat them separately.   As kickoff returns are a direct result of being scored upon, other than 1x a game start/halftime (unless it's a safety, but 98+ percent of the time it's being scored upon), the following changes are now in place for 2013 onwards:

-Team kickoff return yards no longer accumulate points.  
-Team punt return yards accumulate .04 points per yard (same as 1 point per 25 yards return, but decimal scoring in place, in keeping with past decimal changes).  As punt return yards are a result of Team D stopping the opponent's O, these make sense to keep.
-As the above would devalue Team D scoring output overall, the following change is also being implemented, to reward Team D performance where it matters, keeping points off the scoreboard:

-Shutout by Team D / Special Teams - 15 points (instead of 12)
-1-7 points allowed - 10 points
-8-13 - 8 points
-14-20 - 4 points
-21-27 - 0 points
-28-35 - -4 points
-36-42 - -6 points
-43 - -8 points

The above will reward Team D/ST's that excel in limiting points against more, and not reward teams with KR yards because they are scored upon.   Please note that ST/Team D TD's of any kind still get 6 points each (so a Kickoff return TD gets 6 points for the Team D, they just don't get the yards).   We have also preserved the ability for individual players to be credited with 6 points for Kickoff return TD / punt return TD / fumble recovery TD's  (if they play D, which we've never seen, but it's there).   The main point - Team D's still get 6 points for a D/ST TD, but if an offensive player gets a TD, they get their 6 points too (which has always been the case).


The remaining scoring system categories and points allocated remain unchanged from prior years.   However, as a result of the move from MFL to Fantrax, some of the scoring cats are different on Fantrax - if the changeover in the system SETTINGS causes a double-count on Team D/ST TD's, or an omission where the correct system should have allowed it (i.e. if the settings were not set correctly), for this year, any category scoring change due to scoring setting correction will count for the games in question (e.g. if a team scores a TD on DST, but for some reason in the settings, it's given 12 points instead of 6, that correction will occur).   Because we cannot test the scoring until it happens, it's the reason for the above stipulation for 2013, if a setting glitch is the sole reason for an incorrect score assignment.   Please note that scoring changes will not be made if they are based on actual Fantrax scoring (i.e. Fantrax credits someone with fewer/more yards, or gives someone else a TD than a team thinks should be given) - that must be changed by Fantrax itself to count.  The above applies if a TBD scoring setting is incorrect.

In addition to the above, the Fantrax NFL player database will be used for the WW & drafts.   College players and those not in the database are not draftable.  

EDIT: Although improbable, Fantrax does NOT have a setting for individual offensive player scoring a TD by interception.


As we've unfortunately run into teams that have put inactive players in their lineups, either by absenteeism, or by intention to lose games, the following steps have been enacted effective from last year's events, and will carry forward for 2013:

1. Any team with an inactive player in their starting lineup with alternative active players will be notified of this gap. If no action is taken prior to game's start, then the best available player will be switched in prior to game time by default. In the case during bye weeks or late-game unexpected injury, where no alternative players exist, no action will be taken. In short - we get how a Sun night or MNF player might end up inactive and screw a team over, especially in bye weeks or late events. But there's no excuse in a weekly league to have inactive players with alternatives sitting on the bench, either through absenteeism and/or tanking. In addition, as we have expanded to 22 spots in Year 2, there is never a reason to have empty spots for positions going into games (i.e. no bye week/inactive K, DST, or other position players - with 22 spots, no justification for empty spots).

2. Roster construction will not be reviewable for tanking, unless collusion is suspected. In short - in a dynasty league, we get that teams can build for the future through trades/FA & WW. If you are picking up guys & trading for the future as a rebuilder, no worries, everyone gets that.

3. The principle to work by re: tanking - teams can build the roster any way they see fit for the present / future, but teams should always use the best lineup from the team they have on their roster. Roster decisions will not be reviewed unless there is clear compelling evidence of a deliberate attempt to try and lose matches / deliberately try to accumulate less points. Judgment is in the eye of the beholder, and will only be reserved for clear cases of deliberate roster attempts to minimize points.

4. While we hope it will never come up, as past experience has taught us with some of our departed owners, and in other leagues, absenteeism and/or tanking will not be rewarded, but penalized. As in the original 2009 charter above, and carried over with our move in 2012, penalties for tanking/absenteeism will be given on a case-by-case basis. These may include drop in draft order, or departure of ownership. This is best avoided for all, so while you can build for the future - when it comes time to league play, give it your best shot with the players you have!

We hope the above will not be necessary, but given the experience with tanking/absenteeism in the past, the above should provide clarity for all.


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